What is sponsored content?

Sponsored Content is editorial content which an advertiser either creates or commissions, for the commercial purpose of achieving a brand communication or marketing goal. Advertisers pay for the placement of this content on a publisher website. The article preview lives within the editorial feed of the site, but a clear “Promoted” or “Sponsored” label discloses the paid placement orientation. This designation clearly distinguishes the content as an advertisement originating with a brand. The brand is displayed as the advertiser, supplemented by further disclaimers existing within the article itself. Sponsored Content does not reflect the views or opinions of the publication serving the placement, nor does the publication endorse any implied, inferred or expressed view or opinion contained within the sponsored content.

How did this end up in my feed?

One of your Facebook friends shared this sponsored content, prompting placement into your feed. As a result, the post functions as any other shared piece of content would behave within your feed.